Crown Courts



Appearing before a crown court can be a terrifying and intimidating experience for a person accused of committing a crime. Barristers, (lawyers whose role it is to represent the accused in every court in England and Wales and who have particular expertise in trial advocacy) and judges wear wigs and gowns.


The court procedures are very formal, beginning with the plea and trial preparation hearing, swearing in the jury to the trial itself. The procedures are underpinned by rules, orders and applications. The role of a barrister is not only to defend the client and to fight for his/her rights (making applications for abuse of process, applications to dismiss, applications to exclude prosecution evidence) but also the ability to use those rules to the client’s advantage.


We fight fiercely to ensure that we achieve a just result for our clients, fair treatment in the criminal justice system and, of course, an acquittal.


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