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Aneta Maziarz Solicitors has been providing legal services since 2014. Assisting our clients is our passion. We specialise in: criminal, extradition and family law. We provide those services in the UK as well as abroad. We are the only law firm which an international dimension in assisting clients within criminal and family law. We thrive on developing solutions to the most complex legal problems.


Dear Ms Maziarz,

I would like to thank you again on behalf of myself and R for your enormous help. Thanks to your assistance and Ms Jurenko’s hard work, we can continue to live an honest and dignified life and look after our little daughter. There are no words that can explain our gratitude.

You have renewed our belief in people and in justice.

I would like to recommend wonderful Ms Maziarz too anyone who needs legal help.

Two years ago there was an allegation of rape and sexual assault against my partner by our house mate. Our world fell apart. We were terrified. We never thought that something like this could happen to us. Our fear was doubled by the fact that we were in a foreign country. We did not know anything about the laws and procedures here.
My partner only knew basic English. Thankfully, we found Ms Maziarz’s advertisment and Ms Maziarz represented us from the very beginning to the end of the case at the Crown Court. Ms Maziarz was available to advise us at any time of the day or night. She was always available, evening during her holidays, or when she was outside of the UK. If she couldn’t be with us then she would organise another lawyer’s attendance. Conscientious, honest, professional with wide expertise Ms Maziarz was also full of understanding for our situation, very patient and a noble person. She would was always ready to lift our spirits during the worst times but she never gave us false hope. It was Ms Maziarz who informed us about the possibility of legal aid and the payment of installments. She helped us to fill in all the necessary forms. We were always advised by Ms Maziarz about what is happening and what could happen at any given time.

The case was difficult and there were two trials but thanks to Ms Maziarz and Ms Jurenko (the instructed barrister), my partner was acquitted. We will be forever grateful to both ladies.

We wish you every success in your professional and private lives.

Best wishes

K & R, London

I would like to thank very much solicitor Ms Maziarz-Bousse for winning my case. Other lawyers advised me that my case was unwinnable. I could have lost my licence as well as my job. Thanks to Ms Maziarz I can continue to live my dream in the UK and be happy with my family. I would really like to recommend Ms Maziarz, she is 100% professionally prepared for her case, she is touch, she has enormous knowledge and she achieves the impossible. Thank you again very much !!! A, King’s Lynn

Ms Maziarz is absolutely the best criminal lawyer in England. You could count and multiply her professional success ! She is conscientious and pays attention to detail. People who know her describe her as pedantic in her approach which could only be a positive for her clients. Without doubt, Ms Maziarz is an ambassador of Polish intelligence on this Island. In addition she is a very helpful person. The Polish community can be and is proud of her. She is a person who you can always talk to and you can always count on her help. She is exact and business like in the most positive sense of those words. If we were to talk about the sucess of a migrant in this country then there is no doubt that Ms Maziarz would take the number one place. Ms Maziarz, we are so proud that someone like you represents the Polish community. We are also proud that you have shown everyone your value through hard and honest work. We wish you further success, not only professional ones. A, Walia

I would like to thank very much barrister Ania Grudzinska, who represented me in the highest courts in my extradition case. Ms Grudzinska prepared my case in with the utmost expertise. She is an honest and responsible person. She has an excellent way of dealing with clients. She showed a high level of care and attention to detail. I was kept informed about the progress of my case throughout. I can say with certainty and pride that I would recommend Ms Grudzinska to who ever needs legal assistance from a person of honestly, integrity and who possesses a high level of expertise. I would like to add that in my extradition case, Ms Grudzinska fought for me to the very end. She is fierce and someone who takes into account even the smallest details which could have an impact on the case.

Thank you Ms Grudzinska very much. I am definitely going to recommend you to other people who need a good lawyer and that you are for certain. Thank you again for everything that you have done for me.
Kind regards, P. G, London

Greetings, I have read many great opinions about Aneta Maziarz Solicitors and I would like to write a review of my own because I am struggling to find the words to thank you for what you have done for me.

I would like to, first of all, thank Ms Grudzinska for representing me, for her integrity, honestly, her care she showered me with, a simple person like me. I was living in England for many years. I finally arranged my life. I became a grand father. I was happy. Unfortunately, I had a case hanging over me from Poland under art 286kk, my 7 month sentence was activated despite the fact that this was a case from 2001. Unfortunately, the Polish court did not want to let it go. After about 11 years, the Polish court issued a European Arrest Warrant and I was arrested in connection with it. Someone recommended Aneta Maziarz Solicitors. Despite the fact that my previous experience of lawyers was not positive I decided one the less to go along for a consultation. Realistically, I just wanted to extend my time in the UK, to sort out my affairs before I had to go back to Poland which according to me was unavoidable. I just wanted to secure my family. Ms Grudzinska is a person who you can trust, who is professional and who believes in justice. I don’t know how she did it but she won my case and my extradition was discharged. I dont know what to write. My family and I will be forever grateful to her. I still can’t believe it. All we can do is thank you Ms Grudzinska.
She also advised us what to do if I wanted to go back to Poland to see my parents who I haven’t seen now for 14 years. R, London

Thank you for winning my extradition case at Westminster Magistrates Court. I have had quite a few lawyers but you are the one that managed prevent me from being sent back to Poland. I would specifically like to thank you for your professional approach, punctuality and always being in touch. I wish for everyone to have as much as luck as I did and have you represent them. From the beginning of the procedure, I knew that the chances were slim but thanks to your accurate actions and experience you turned it around for me. With the greatest gratitute to you. G, Oxford.

Our clients choose us because they know that they are in good hands.

We specialise in

  • CRIMINAL LAW in the UK and abroad
  • DIVORCE in the UK and abroad
  • CHILD CARE ARRANGEMENTS, including where one parents lives in the UK and the other abroad
  • INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION IN DIVORCE CASES, financial settlements a well as child arrangements
  • RELOCATION where one of the parents wishes to move abroad with the child/children
  • CHILD ABDUCTION a situation where one of the parents has taken the child/children abroad without consent
Extradition from UK

Family law


Crown Courts

Magistrates' Court


Aneta Maziarz-Bousse started practising in one of the most renowned London City firms in 2004. A year later she became the Head of the Polish Department. In 2015, she established her own firm, Aneta Maziarz Solicitors. She specialises in criminal and family law. She has fought for years for her clients’ rights and freedom. Many of her cases have become firmly established in the law of precedence.

Our assistants Duchess and Magda know how frustrating it is to leave yet another message or make yet another phone call which goes unanswered. Our team is proud of ensuring that our clients are always made aware about the progress of their cases as well as the fact that we always answer the phone, return phone calls and respond to emails immediately. Our clients are in constant contact with us.

Ania Grudzinska has wide experience in criminal and extradition law. For years, she was the Head of the Extradition Department in one of London’s biggest firms, where she had the privilege of assisting the most vulnerable in society. Ms Grudzinska is known for her complete committment to all her cases.

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