Road Traffic Offences



Many people who are accused of a road traffic offence have never had any contact with the police or the court. That is why this process can be a very unpleasant one for them.


Road traffic law is very extensive and precise and an accused may feel scared or even terrified by the actions of the police.


The possible consequences of being convicted of a road traffic offence can be serious e.g. disqualification, loss of employment and even imprisonment. Even the imposition of points for a speeding conviction can cost a client hundreds of pounds if the client’s insurance contributions increase.


Our advise is to always seek legal advice before speaking to the police regarding a road traffic incident, when facing a Notice of Intended Prosecution, attending court or considering pleading guilty. Road traffic offences are very often complex and a lawyer would be best placed to assist.


We represent clients in relation to the following:

  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Causing death by careless driving when under the influence of drink or drugs
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Driving or attempting to drive a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Being in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failure to provide a sample for analysis
  • Driving without a driving licence/insurance
  • Failure to stop after an accident for the purpose of making a statement or failure to report an accident
  • Careless driving
  • Failure to provide the details of the driver by the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Offences involving the tachograph machine
  • Transport offences
  • Speeding, video recordings, radar etc
  • Offences involving documents
  • Traffic lights and road signs
  • The use of hand held mobile phones whilst driving
  • Exceeding the legal vehicle weight limits
  • Points including totting procedures
  • Exceptional Hardship
  • Special Reasons


We specialise in all areas of Road Traffic law. We have assisted our clients on many occasions in avoiding disqualification. We have a particular expertise in exceptional hardship and special reasons hearings.


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